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Friday, December 24, 2004
Journalistic Treason

You've all seen the pictures in magazines such as Time and Newsweek and in newspapers such as The New York Times and Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The pictures showing Iraqis holding guns, yelling, discussing things unknown to the viewer. And, you have all seen the captions that describe how the people in the photograph are insurgents, terrorists, trying to kill Americans and innocent Iraqis. When I saw these pictures, I always figured that they must have been taken by an insurgent and sent to the press, or something happened in a similar manner that allowed the media to get a hold of these images. But, no, these pictures were taken by American Journalists. As it turns out, some insurgents allow journalists to photograph them.

From JACK STOKES, director of media relations, Associated Press: [This is a solicited letter regarding Salon’s “The Associated Press ‘insurgency.’”] Several brave Iraqi photographers work for The Associated Press in places that only Iraqis can cover. Many are covering the communities they live in where family and tribal relations give them access that would not be available to Western photographers, or even Iraqi photographers who are not from the area.

Insurgents want their stories told as much as other people and some are willing to let Iraqi photographers take their pictures. It’s important to note, though, that the photographers are not “embedded” with the insurgents. They do not have to swear allegiance or otherwise join up philosophically with them just to take their pictures.

What are these people thinking? Those insurgents WANT TO KILL AMERICAN SOLDIERS. That is their goal, and (as the journalists must know) they will attempt to very soon, if they haven’t already. These journalists are guilty of something I call journalistic treason; knowing where insurgents are, knowing that the people they are photographing are terrorists that have an intent to kill Americans, and not reporting these people’s whereabouts to the proper authority so the insurgents can be eliminated or taken into custody. Kill them, for crissake. These people are going to kill Americans, and the journalists don’t give a damn. They just want their story. If you lack the means to kill these people when you find them, at least report to soldiers exactly where they are located.

To get an idea of the mindset these journalists have, take a look at the caption below.

A gunman, left, shoots and kills a man lying in Baghdad’s Haifa Street after being pulled from a car Sunday, Dec. 19, 2004. The man at right on his knees was executed moments later, along with another man not shown in picture. About 30 militants hurling hand grenades and firing machine guns attacked a car carrying five people employed by the commission’s Baghdad office and tried ‘to drag them out,’ said Adel al-Lami, a member of the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq.

Want to know how the journalist explains this disgusting photo away? Take a look below:

"Even with today’s proliferation of compact photographic equipment, a legitimate photojournalist rarely gets the opportunity to capture an execution."

This person sounds positively giddy at the prospect of catching the multiple murders of several innocent Iraqis on film. Did the photojournalist try to stop the murders though? No, of course not; that would have ruined his story.

My thanks to Little Green Footballs, for initially bringing up this topic.

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