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Sunday, January 02, 2005
Donate to the Tsunami Victims
I was browsing my sitemeter the other day and noticed something unusual; many people have been coming to my site looking for a way t donate to the tsunami victims in Asia wanted to provide a link for donations, but I also wanted be sure the money was actually going to help those people. I browsed the web, and on my own blog I found a comment from Heart for Missions.

Survivors of the Tsunami disaster hold a candle light vigil in remembrance.

This is a Christian organization that has provided numerous links for donating to crisis relief in Asia. What Heart for Missions does is basically create a hub for all the Christian charities to meet up put this information in my sidebar, so let's all donate what we can to help those people out.

The Network for Christians with a Heart for Missions

To provide a central location where [1] Christian missionaries and missions organizations can go to easily provide communication—field reports, needs, prayer requests, news, etc—regarding their ministry, and where [2] Christians can go to easily find information from Christian missionaries and missions organizations that will allow them to more easily partner in, and more actively be involved in world missions.

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