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Thursday, January 20, 2005
Khatami: Iran Will Defend Against U.S. Attack" -- Yeah, Right

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran has plans to defend itself should the United States make any aggressive moves, President Mohammad Khatami said Thursday, but he added that the possibility of an attack "is very low" because Washington has too many problems in Iraq.

Well, that last part may be true (though I doubt it) but his attitude that Iran could possibly defend itself against U.S. attack is ridiculous. I mean, America has the strongest military in world history...we won't encounter difficulties attacking Iran. Look at it this way; When the U.S. attacked Iraq in the first Gulf War, Iraq has the third largest army in the world. In 60 days, the war was over with the United States as the victor. The Iraqi military was nothing compared to ours, and it is the same with Iran.

Plus, the kind of attack we would initiate wouldn't be a ground war at all. We would attack the three (or possibly more) sites that we believe Iran is using to create nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction from the air or sea, using laser guided missiles that would demolish each of the sites completely. In this initial attack, Iranian defense systems wouldn't be enough to stop us and they probably wouldn't even know we were there until it was over. There would be no battle deaths.

However, the Iranian response to a U.S. attack would be different. They would probably launch missiles at our forces in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and probably at Israel. We would have to rely on our missile defense systems to bring those missiles down before they could reach our troops. Our defense capabilities in that area are pretty high, so the casualties would be few in number.

Also, Iranian troops would probably try to cross the border into Iraq and stage an attack on our forces. This problem would be dispatched easily, however, by merely monitoring the border and bombing any troops movements into Iraq. The ground forces of Iran would never make it across the border alive.

Hopefully, the United States would focus on only attacking the above mentioned sites, and not try to pull of a regime change. If we did this, the war with Iran would be over in a matter of months with little U.S. casualties and the world much safer off.

Whether we start this war remains to be seen, but I wouldn't count it out.

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