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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Seig Heil, Palestinians!
Something pertaining to the Anti-Semitism discussion that was found by Little green Footballs. These are the people that liberals are sympathetic to. And they say Israel is too military oriented? I don't think you can be too militaristic when facing these kind of people; people that forget the past...then try to relive it.

Echoes of Nazism

In a supreme irony, the supporters of a Holocaust denier—unfailingly identified by mainstream media as a “moderate” Palestinian leader—use the same salute as the perpetrators of the Holocaust.

Fatah Youth in salute...

Members of the Fatah youth movement chant slogans during a rally for Palestinian presidential candidate Mahmoud Abbas at a hotel in the Jerusalem suburb of Beit Hanina, January 5, 2005. Palestinian fighters wounded 12 soldiers in a rocket attack on Israel Wednesday, defying calls for a cease-fire from Mahmoud Abbas, the frontrunner to succeed Yasser Arafat in an election Sunday. REUTERS/Ammar Awad

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